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“At any moment you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.”


Therapy can provide a safe space to explore feelings and thoughts and offer a different perspective or insight into life’s challenges. Here at Grace Anthony Counseling, a non-judgmental setting is nurtured, your needs are heard and supportive encouragement is offered. Issues addressed include

Career Discovery, Stress Management, Trauma Recovery, Anxiety, Anger Management, Depression, Sexual Abuse, Situational Problems, Grief and Loss, Coping skills development, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Peer relationships, Self Esteem, Life Transitions

Clinical Supervision

Cha’Ke’Sha offers clinical supervision to those seeking full licensure post masters degree.  Supervision is offered in a group format either in person or online.  Please call or email for more information or to check for openings. 


Cha’Ke’Sha has presented at several conferences and workshops.  Some titles include: Healthy Boundaries: It’s More Than Just Bae, Queen Thinking: Embracing the R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y Within, Healing and Forgiveness: Picking Up The Pieces After A Traumatic Experience and Women and Depression.  Cha’Ke’Sha has also been a guest on The Therapist Experience Podcast, The Dr. Sonja Sutherland Show, Legacy Speaks Web Series and a guest host on AskDrRJ.

Cha’Ke’Sha is available as a presenter, panelist and keynote-speaker and is knowledgeable in the Trauma, Mental Health, Work/Life Balance, Self-Care and more.  For booking information, click the link below.